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Tremont Co-operative Grain Co.

Our three facilities have licensed storage capacity of approximately 12 million bushels with the completion of our new bin down at Adwell in summer 2015. We have three receiving pits each at our East Plant and Adwell facilities, and have drying capacity of 25,000 bph at our East plant and 14,000 bph at our Adwell facility. Our grain is shipped by truck, with the ethanol facilities in Pekin and Peoria being the primary destinations for corn, and the export river markets near Pekin serving as the primary bean destinations.

We currently staff 10 full time employees at our facilities who are here to assist you during harvest and throughout the year. Our board of directors is comprised of patrons who enjoy representing their peers as the face of our company and who are committed to ensure the continued growth of the coop.


New Greenfield Site on Toboggan Rd.

Our new grain facility is currently under construction down at the intersection of Toboggan and Springfield Rds. Grainflo Inc is our general contractor and is working with Wagenbach Builders and KDJ Sales and Service to erect a new facility for us. The facility will have two 30,000 bushel per hour semi receiving pits, one 12,000 bushel per hour dryer, wet storage for nearly 400,000 bushels of corn and nearly 2.6 million bushels of additional storage for corn and soybeans. We are on schedule to be completed for full use in the fall of 2018, and additional room for expansion is available and already being planned for as we continue to see growth in our company. If you have any questions about the new project, please call us in Tremont and we’d be happy to discuss this new endeavor further with you.


4/10/18 update: elevated view of the facility thus far



3/22/18 update: all 5 originally proposed bins are completely erected, tower construction and main truss work continues



2/2/18 update: corn wet tank almost complete, tower erection beginning



11/28/17 update: 2 truck pits on the left, base of main tower; start of second 105' bin



11/2/17 update:




10/13/17 update:


2 weeks of progress: 9/21/17 vs 9/05/17